Sapin II: Achieve Compliance with Technology

Sapin II is a French law that aims to fight corruption and promote transparency. The application of Sapin II and its compliance within companies must be effective from 1 June 2017.

Status, our third-party compliance technology platform, helps you meet the requirements of the Sapin II law. Care to learn more?

Our whitepaper can help you understand how technology can help alleviate the burden of implementing a program to comply with the requirements of Sapin II.


By requesting this whitepaper, you will better understand how technology can help your organization gain critical visibility and meet the requirements of Sapin II. Status can help:
– Automate third party interactions such as sending and receiving critical documents
– Manage ongoing monitoring of third parties
– Map third-party risk
– Implement controls and automate workflows


Any French subsidiary of a foreign company or French company with at least 500 employees and an annual turnover of over €100 million is subject to the provisions related to the implementation of compliance programs. Depending on the type of company, presidents and directors or the executive board members of these companies may be held liable for failure to implement programs.


With Sapin II in effect, the implementation of compliance programs legally binds affected companies. L’Agence Française Anticorruption (AFA), or French Anti-Corruption Agency in English, is the French anti-bribery agency established through Sapin II to oversee the implementation of compliance programs within companies. The agency does not have to prove any acts of bribery to assess whether a compliance program has been fully implemented, meaning companies and their directors could be sanctioned even where no criminal act has been committed.

Should a company fail to implement or improve a compliance program, the agency may impose sanctions or issue warnings. The following consequences are possible:

A fine on any director of up to €200,000
A fine on any company of up to €1 million
Public release of decisions made by the Agency

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