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Combine traditional inspection reports with a global team of due diligence experts who gather and analyze local language data and intelligence in order to understand and verify your client’s source of wealth and any key underwriting risk factors.

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A new standard of research

Blue Umbrella has years of global due diligence experience with Wall Street Banks, global insurance giants and Fortune 500 companies. Now that powerful research engine has been unleashed on the High Net Worth segment for Financial Institutions.

Working with leading Insurance companies, reinsurance giants and high quality brokers we have worked to create a new standard of due diligence that vastly improves the quality of the reporting, compared to traditional Inspection Reports. This new standard enables you to manage your risks more effectively and proceed with confidence.

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Our clients include Wall Street banks and Fortune 500 companies.
Whether your company is big or small, you will have full access to a
team of 250+ researchers that speak 40+ languages.

We work together to customize our processes based on the size of
your due diligence program, internal processes and workflows.

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High Net Worth due diligence

Our new standard is catching on quickly. Several of the largest reinsurance companies have already signed on to recognize it as being a superior option compared to traditional Inspection Reports. Similarly, several of the largest global insurers are now mandating that they receive a Blue Umbrella report from their brokers and agents so that they can better understand their regulatory and underwriting risks.

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Why create a new industry standard?

Blue Umbrella has always striven to be at the forefront of improving KYC information and processes so that our clients can make more informed decisions in a more timely manner. Our global presence isn’t just a competitive advantage in terms of the quality of the research we provide, it also allows us to look at different jurisdictions, different processes, and to easily identify and proliferate best practices across our global client base.

Over the past several months Blue Umbrella has been in intensive discussions with leaders of financial services companies providing services to High Net Worth clients. These have culminated in a tailored research and verification process that significantly raises the quality of information provided in the due diligence process.

Already, we have proven that this new standard of High Net Worth due diligence report is able to help our clients avoid working with individuals that may be misrepresenting themselves. Just as importantly, we have also demonstrated that several High Net Worth clients that may otherwise have been turned away because of risks revealed in typical reports, were actually legitimate potential clients, albeit with unorthodox backgrounds or habits.

Better research means more clarity. Clarity provides for healthier business relationships.

Most importantly, we have worked to ensure that costs, turnaround times and the processes involved work within existing workflows and budgets, making the new standard easy to adopt.

This product has been formed in partnership with key industry players and we look forward to feedback and more discussions in order to cater to each organization and situation in the High Net Worth financial services environment. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to us.