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Reach the highest standard of a risk-based anti-bribery compliance program by implementing Blue Umbrella’s disruptive third party compliance management technology, Status.

Let your clients, third parties, and employees know that you are committed to the highest compliance program standards. Implementing a unified technology to oversee your third-party engagement will allow your compliance policies, procedures and operations to reach these standards.

Status helps achieve, administer, and maintain the following ISO 37001 requirements:

Develop and Maintain Compliance Policies and Procedures

Status acts as an exemplary management system that supports the organization and implementation of compliance policies and procedures. Status interacts with third parties, employees and stakeholders to not only manage policies and procedures, but help integrate them in your organization.

Implement Compliance Training Programs

Whether interacting with employees or third parties, our documentation services can aid in compiling documentation of all training efforts in a single, secure place.Status can structure training program administration, as well as provide the ability to share, review, and sign relevant documents.

Demonstrate Effective Tone at the Top

Not only does Status operate on a day-to day operational basis, it is a holistic tool that can give board members and senior managers full visibility across their third-party engagements.

Conduct Risk-Based Due Diligence

Blue Umbrella is at the forefront of defining the highest standard of due diligence reporting. Our team of over 200 dedicated, full-time research analysts based in 9 global operating centers are trained to provide you with the information you need to make critical risk-based decisions.

Obtain Third-Party Compliance Certifications and Termination Rights

Our third-party interaction services allow for engagement with your third party. Easily obtain commitments from all your third parties, and you will be systematically notified of any potential red flags. Our contract management capabilities also add to the one stop accessibility of Status.

Obtain Compliance Commitments from Employees

Using our internal questionnaire and code of conduct services, you can easily obtain and document compliance commitments from employees, as well as intuitively monitor and remediate any potential red flags.

Implement Internal Controls

Status can incrementally grow with your compliance needs. Implementing a multitude of our services, or just a select few to start, will lead to strengthening your procurement procedures that manage bribery risk. Our automation capabilities can also help eliminate designated menial decision making processes.

Develop Reporting Channels and Ensure Whistleblower Protections

All information on the Status platform can be tracked, while integrations with external systems can be provided. Our Issue Tracker system can intuitively manage issues in a centralized location, while easily documenting and setting remediation dates.

Document Compliance Efforts

Status allows for a macro overview of your compliance efforts, logging all utilized procedures and documentation in a centralized location. The system can also be customized to best fit your own organization’s unique compliance workflows. Status effectively documents even the most complex and robust compliance programs.

Periodically Review and Improve Anti-Corruption Compliance Controls

Status includes high level dashboards and functionality to help pinpoint both when your program is being tremendously ineffective and where improvements can be made. Furthermore, as it is extremely flexible, when improvements are made to your program they are easy to reflect in new or modified workflows in Status.

Prohibit Facilitation Payments

Our various third-party interaction services can be used effortlessly to stress to third parties the prohibition of facilitation payments.

Meeting the highest anti-bribery compliance standards the ISO 37001 can be achieved with the implementation of Blue Umbrella’s compliance enhancing technology platform, Status.