You are unique. We are too. Do we fit together? That is the question.

If you are intelligent, curious and want to work in an open, fun, professional environment, we might be a good place for you to apply. Every year, Blue Umbrella invites thousands of applications from capable individuals who are looking to start or continue a career in the burgeoning compliance field. Are we looking for graduates from a specific faculty, no. Do we want previous industry experience? Not necessarily. We are looking for people who will live our values and grow personally along with our company. Are you ready to grow?

We just like research

Blue Umbrella is dedicated to building our employees’ careers. Almost all of our middle and senior manager positions are filled internally by promoting employees who have shown that they have the potential to grow. For this reason, we hire lots of fresh graduates, some from the best schools in the world, many of whom are now leading our business or have grown exciting careers within compliance departments of Fortune 500 companies, Wall Street banks and other financial institutions. We provide training, mentorship and a dynamic environment where you can excel and develop a career in the compliance industry.

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