Levels forces background screening technology into the future with a unique focus on a user-centric experience. Whether you are hiring in Latin America or Asia, your candidates will thank us.


Levels is Blue Umbrella’s pre-employment screening technology. We always listen to candidates, clients and our analysts. The culmination of cutting edge technology, a great user interface and efficiency tools created Levels. These five principles guide it:

Icon userfriendliness

A user-friendly experience

Why aggravate your candidates and staff by subjecting them to poorly designed systems? Levels is easily accessible, minimally invasive and includes lots of tips and assistance.

Icon functionality

Great Functionality

From SMS alerts to workflows dedicated to preventing data privacy failures, our platform does things you didn’t even know screening platforms could do.

Icon HCM


Levels integrates directly with Oracle’s Talent Management Cloud to initiate background checks in one simple step. Learn more by viewing our listing on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Icon multilingual


Your program is global, your platform should be too. Our platform allows candidates to interact with it in more than a dozen different languages.

Icon transparency


No secrets allowed. You can follow the progress of each of your cases in real time. Control freaks allowed.

Levels injects beauty into powerful functionality.

Versatile technology
at your fingertips

Levels, Employment Screening Technology reinvented

Constant innovation

Blue Umbrella constantly updates our platform without disrupting your HR processes. Our internal team of screening and IT professionals innovates incrementally so your onboarding processes are constantly becoming more efficient and less administrative.
Levels screen old new design

At best, candidates tolerate entering all their information into an employment screening technology. Levels makes it (almost) pleasurable.


Icon transparency
Full transparency
Icon candidate input
Convenient candidate input
Icon intuitive design
Intuitive and
Icon monitoring
Ongoing monitoring
Icon HCM
HCM system integration
Icon workflow
Workflows to protect your data
Icon security
Data security
& backup
Icon security
Lifts administrative burden
Icon mobile
Remediate discrepancies

Intuitive and robust. Is there anything else you are looking for?

Pretty, powerful,
and pretty powerful.

Levels makes your candidate onboarding process as simple and painless as possible. It’s important to you, so it’s important to us.


Easy. Simply get in touch with us. Let us understand what you are looking for in a system before scheduling a personalized demo session to take you through Levels.

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